COMMENTS from June 27th Event

Lady A,  this was wonderful. I am a rather shy and nervous speaker but I hope I was able to contribute something through the comments and I would love to be a part of the next one, if you have room for me.  Thank you again for including me and for your generosity and willingness to engage in difficult dialogue about race, to inform, educate and connect us all. 

️ Gayle


Amazing job today Lady A,  Without a hitch!!!! How do I sign up to be in a panel for the next one in August? ♥️ 



Good Morning. I was a listener in the conversation yesterday and found it very helpful. I'm on a committee where i work (a non profit) to discuss our company's diversity and inclusion. I'm putting together a few meetings for our group to start to delve into our understanding and ultimately action. I'm going to show the "So you wanna talk about race" video, but i'm wondering if this session yesterday was recorded, and if so, might it also be shareable? 

Appreciate your efforts and time, 

Stay well, Best, 






The Truth is Loud Zoom White Ally Roles in 2020 & Beyond June 27th 2020