Lady A Presents: The Truth Is Loud ~ White Ally Roles in 2020 & Beyond

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Lady A and Roz and have put together two amazing moderators to assist White Allies in beginning to talk about race. Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color come into the world learning that are manuvering in a white society. It's 2020 and time for our white allies to begin speaking about race to their children at a young age, their family members and who exhibit and practice racist behaviors, their community and circle/silo that ensures white people never have to leave their comfort zone or move minorities out of theirs.

This talk is just a beginning of emotional, raw truths. In light of the recent George Floyd murder and so many more before him, I feel that some white people are speaking loudly about how they feel about the dehumanizing of black lives. Now we want our Allies to speak even louder.

For those that don't know how, this is a learning tool; for others this a Brave space to begin teaching others in your community.

Lady A